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Bay Area Tenting Fumigation

tent fumigation pest controlSometimes the only effective way to treat a pest problem is through tenting and fumigation. Tenting is a process in which a tent is placed over a home, office, or other building.

It is sealed off to allow for fumigation — the introduction of gas into the structure. This completely eliminates the infestation by suffocating or poisoning the pests inside.

Tenting and fumigation is more involved than other pest control solutions. It is usually recommended when other treatment methods are not effective, or when the infestation lies in areas that cannot be accessed without removing existing structural elements.

After a thorough inspection, the experienced team at We Care Pest Solutions will know if it is necessary to use tenting and fumigation methods for your pest problem.

What Pests Require Tenting Fumigation?

We Care Pest control utilizes tenting and fumigation to treat infestations of different insects, including:

  • Drywood Termites
  • Wood-Boring Beetles
  • Bed Bugs

These pesky insects can do a world of damage within residential and commercial structures. If left untreated, your pest problem could turn into an expensive disaster.

If you require tenting and fumigation, the experts at We Care Pest Solutions are here to help provide the most effective treatment plan possible.

How to Prepare for Tenting Fumigation Services

Because it requires gas to be introduced into the structure, tenting and fumigation requires that homeowners and their pets vacate the structure for 3-5 days. There are several steps you can take to prepare your home or office for tenting and fumigation services.

Our team of experienced technicians will help guide you through the process of removing pets and plants from the property, sealing off food items, and preparing your home and yard for the tenting and fumigation process.

Tent Fumigation Results Guaranteed to Last

Although tenting and fumigation works by introducing poisonous gases into the tented area, it is a heavily monitored procedure implemented by experienced professionals. You will be able to rest assured that your residence or commercial building is free of infestations after our tenting and fumigation services.

When using We Care Pest Solutions for tenting and fumigation in the Bay Area, we offer a 3-year warranty on the treated structure if additional treatment is necessary. Fortunately, that is rare.

We Care is committed to successfully managing your pest control issues. If you believe termites, bed bugs, or wood-boring beetles might be making themselves at home within your home or business, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts today!

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