Northern California’s Largest Independently Owned
and Family Operated Pest Control Company Since 1994

small rodent

Throughout Northern California, our pest inspection professionals remove rats, mice, and other small rodents from residential or commercial properties.

bed bug on mattress

With dangerous do-it-yourself articles online, it’s important to know your most efficient bed bug control options are just a phone call away.


Our local exterminators will protect your home or business with eco-friendly termite control solutions, so you don’t have to leave your property.

Our most popular pest control service is a Bi-Monthly Eco-Friendly pest control solution.

ants on kitchen counter

We Care Pest Solutions is a professional ant control company that can identify the species of ant and successfully eradicate them from your home.

spider on kitchen floor

Most spiders in Northern California homes are not dangerous, but are usually considered as pests. That’s where We Care Pest Solutions comes in!

closeup of flea on finger

Fleas can jump rapidly between hosts, especially with pets and children. Eliminating a flea infestation can be a challenge, but not for us.

Residential Pest Control Services

California is home to countless rodents, yellowjackets and crawling insects that can invade buildings and yards all year-round. Our local company has some of the best exterminators in the bay area because they live and work in the same community as you.

Commercial Pest Control Services

Pests don’t make appointments before entering a hospital or restaurant, so it’s important to have a pest management plan to prevent or eliminate these uninvited guests. Business owners choose us because we provide innovative and efficient solutions that last.