Frequently Asked Questions about Pest Control (FAQ)

Q: Will my home really be pest-free?

A: Yes! We can eliminate existing infestations and prevent pests and rodents from re-entering.

Q: Why don’t the over-the counter sprays seem to get rid of ants in my kitchen?

A: Those sprays will only kill the ants you actually spray. To eliminate all the ants you need to destroy the colony. Our trained professionals can identify the type of ant, locate the source and apply the proper treatment.

Q: Do termites attack new homes as well as older homes?

A: Termites have been found in buildings as soon as four days after construction. Any building with any wood in its construction is susceptible to termites.

Q: Is my home free from wood-destroying insects if I’ve not seen any evidence of termites?

A. Not necessarily. Termites work from the inside out and are difficult to detect. Drywood termites are extremely difficult as they spend their entire lives inside the wood, except for the rarely seen swarmers.

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