Pest Control Tenting and Fumigation: When, Why and How.

pest control tenting and fumigation serviceSometimes the only effective way to treat termites, wood-boring beetles and bed bugs is pest control tenting.

This fumigation process tents the entire structure and is more involved than other solutions. It is recommended only when other treatment methods are not effective.

Because it requires gas to be introduced into the structure, it causes disruption to homeowners and their pets by requiring that they vacate the structure for 3-5 days.

When Pest Control Tenting is Recommended

  • Your home is so heavily infested that locally treating the infestation is not practical cost-wise.
  • When the infestation lies entirely in areas that cannot be accessed without removing existing structural elements.
  • If we can’t reach any part of the colony, or if there is so much infestation that even indirect methods would actually cost more than fumigation, then pest control tenting becomes a viable option.

Get Peace of Mind with a Full Structure 3-Year Warranty

Should it be necessary, We Care Pest Solutions can handle tenting and fumigation. Even better, we offer a 3-year warranty on the treated structure if additional treatment is necessary. Fortunately that is rare. Here is a brief outline of what to expect:

  1. The first day of fumigation the crew arrives and tarps (tents) the house. After making sure the structure is prepared properly, our technicians introduce the gas.
  2. After a minimum of 18 hours, the aeration process starts. Typically we pump fresh air into the structure on the second day.
  3. The tarps are removed on the third day. Then we check the interior air with monitors to ensure that the structure is safe for re-entry.

Notes about Pest Control Tenting and Fumigation

  • The 3-day process is only valid for fumigation of the Western Drywood Termite.
  • Bed bugs can be treated in 4 days with 2 days of gas exposure.
  • Fumigation for wood boring beetles is a 5-day process no matter which day of the week a fumigation is started. It also requires ten times the amount of Vikane Gas Fumigant to penetrate the beetle eggs. The gas remains in the house for 3 days of exposure time.

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