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Rodent Control for Bay Area Residents

2 rats inside attic eating booksRodents like rats and mice love to make their nests within Bay Area homes. One of the most disturbing things about seeing a rat or mouse or signs of a rodent, is that it usually means there is an entire colony that has come with it.

Rats and mice reproduce quickly and in large quantities. If they have found a comfortable place to nest, it is important to eradicate that situation as soon as possible.

We Care Pest Solutions is the Bay Area’s leading pest control company specializing in eco-friendly and effective solutions to your pest problems. Our rodent removal and prevention techniques are designed to eliminate rats and mice, and keep them away for good. After contacting our technicians, we will evaluate the severity of your rodent infestation and craft a solution that is guaranteed to work.

Signs of Rats and Mice in Your Home

The most telling signs of a rat or mouse infestation in your home are droppings. Homeowners often find rat or mouse droppings in cupboards, under sinks, near garbage cans. These areas are typically near accessible food sources and entry points. Rats can also track dirt in from outside of the home, so you might notice rat tracks on the floors or counters.

Other signs that you have a rodent infestation include the sounds of the animals moving around in your walls or around your pipes. You might have noticed chewed wires, boxes, and other materials in various places. The most unpleasant sign of a rodent infestation is the smell that comes from their nesting area. Urine, feces, and even dead rodents can leave an unpleasant and unhealthy odor lingering in the air.

Call a Professional Pest Control Company for Rats and Mice

It is important to call a professional pest control company if you have noticed signs of rodents in your home. Rats and mice can spread a multitude of illnesses through direct contact with the animal or its feces, urine, or saliva, as well as indirectly though parasites that have fed on an infected rodent. While rats and mice can be extremely dangerous to you and your family’s health, they can also cause costly damage to your home.

We Care Pest Solutions will work to exterminate rodents and keep them from returning. Our preventative and sustainable solutions have proven to keep Bay Area residents free of rodents years after removal has occurred.

Not only do we completely eliminate your pest problem and provide preventative solutions for the future, We Care Pest Solutions is the only Bay Area rodent exterminator to provide crawl space clean-up services to deodorize and sanitize affected areas.

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