yellow jackets entering nest through hole in the wall

Wasps and Hornets

Wasp and Hornet Control for Bay Area Residents With the joys of eating outdoors during the summer months comes the frustration of attracting wasps and hornets. These stinging insects are common around the Bay Area and Northern California counties, and…

hand using red flea comb on brown tabby cat


Flea Control for Bay Area Residents Fleas include 2,500 species of small, flightless insects that survive as external parasites of…

brown spider crawling across a white tile floor


Spider Control for Bay Area Residents Many Bay Area homeowners worry about spiders. While many species of spiders are harmless,…

Bed Bug Pest Removal

Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Control for Bay Area Residents One of the most troublesome pests that a homeowner can encounter is the…

termite damage on wood frame in doorway


Bay Area Termite Control from We Care Pest Solutions No property owner likes to hear that termites have invaded their…

ant infestation on terra cotta tile


Ant Control for Bay Area Residents Ants are smart and resilient insects that many Bay Area homeowners encounter on a…

Rats and Mice

Rodent Control for Bay Area Residents Rodents like rats and mice love to make their nests within Bay Area homes.…

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We Care is committed to the safety of our customers and their families, which is why we use integrated pest management techniques and least toxic products and methods whenever possible. We work to effectively eliminate pests while minimizing risks to children, pets and the environment.

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