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Rat exterminator and rodent control servicesIf you need a rat exterminator, rodent control specialists We Care Pest Control is at your service in Sonoma County, Marin County and San Francisco County. Mice and rat removal begins with a thorough inspection as one of our qualified inspectors assesses your structure.

Rodents chew by nature, and often chew through electrical wires, telephone wires, cables and more. Damage like this can be costly as well as being unhealthy and dangerous.

We begin by carefully looking for entry points in all the possible places rats and mice may be entering the property. Then we create a diagram outlining the issues and prepare a no-obligation estimate.

Our proposal will include all repairs and clean-up necessary to restore and protect your structure. We Care is one of the only pest control companies that backs up our rodent exclusion service with a 1-year full structure warranty against rodent infestation (for homes that qualify).

Not Just A Rat and Mouse Exterminator Service—We Perform Mouse and Rat Removal. Here’s Why…

Most homeowners are not very successful with rodent control because they lack the knowledge and training necessary. Often they will set traps or use a rat exterminator or mouse exterminator product that poisons the animal.

But rodent control is not just about terminating the offending pests. Simply poisoning them does not remove them from the structure. That approach can lead to dead rodents decomposing inside walls or other confined spaces. It may also be hazardous to birds of prey consuming poison outside the home.

We know rodents, how they enter homes and buildings, where they live and their breeding habits. As creatures of habit, rats and mice like to use the same runways, sleep in the same places and forage in the same areas whenever possible.

We Care Offers a 1-Year Rodent Exclusion Warranty

Mouse exterminator and rat removal experts.

Following a thorough inspection, our trained rodent exclusion technician will seal the structure with construction-grade materials. After sealing, we will set strategically-placed traps in the areas of rodent activity wherever they are throughout the structure.

Using traps instead of poison prevents rodents from dying in the structure and protects natural predators in the environment—including pets!

We Care Pest Solutions has the largest rodent exclusion team in the North Bay. We pride ourselves on being the most professional Rodent experts you can hire to get the unwelcome visitors out of your house and keep them out.

Also Offering Professional Rodent Clean-Up Service

Even after rodents are removed, the attic and/or sub area insulation can be compromised by the urine and feces that rats and mice leave behind. Not only can this create unpleasant odors, but it is also unsanitary and may pose a health hazard.

In addition to rodent removal, We Care specializes in removing and replacing insulation (including blown in) as well as deodorizing and sanitizing affected areas. For more information, see our page on Rodent Clean-Up Service.

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