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Insects of all kinds? We provide ant control and spider elimination. When it comes to ant control, spider removal or eliminating yellow jackets and other insects, We Care Pest Control provides integrated

pest management (IPM) in Sonoma County, Marin County and San Francisco County.

Structural IPM involves a systematic decision-making approach to managing pests, which goes beyond simple ant removal or spider extermination. At We Care Pest Solutions, we certainly get rid of unwelcome insects! But more importantly, our IPM philosophy means we focus on long-term prevention or suppression—yet staying mindful about unintended results. This means we work to minimize the

impact on human health, the environment, property and non-target organisms.

In short, here’s the IPM approach we use with insect control:

  • Properly identify the pest and monitor their population dynamics.
  • Select the appropriate method for pest control: cultural, physical, biological or chemical.
  • If pesticides are needed, choose one that minimizes risk to people, property, the environment, and non-target organisms.

Ant Control and Removal

By the time you begin seeing ants in your home, chances are there’s a colony already established inside or near your structure.

Ant control isn’t always a simple matter. Being social insects, they will quickly communicate to others if they find food or other favorable conditions that warrant visitation. If ants persist even after you have removed all traces of food, your home could simply pose an attractive breeding ground for ants.

Ant removal is one of our specialties at We Care. One of our trained technicians will inspect the situation and determine the most likely source of the infestation, then treat it with the best solution. Remember, it isn’t just about ant control. Our IPM approach means we are mindful of children, pets and other important factors in your environment.

Spider Removal and Extermination

Spiders can enter your home through loose screens and cracks under doors, windows, and other openings. They may see your indoor space as the source of food, mates, moisture or warmth. Once inside, spiders quickly set up shop, build webs and, for females, begin laying eggs that can quickly hatch into hundreds of baby spiders.

While most spiders found in Northern California homes are not dangerous, they are generally considered to be a pest. For spider removal, homeowners often use regular vacuuming or cleaning. However, sometimes this is not effective. That’s where We Care Pest Solutions comes in!

Our spider extermination technicians will assess the situation and make recommendations for treatment that is safe for people, pets and non-targeted organisms.

Controlling Yellow Jackets and Wasps

Professional ant control services. Call for an estimate for spider removal. Yellow Jackets and wasps can be extremely aggravating and dangerous during the warmer months of the year. For yellow jacket removal, We Care offers bee-friendly treatments and baiting solutions to control these unwelcome pests. We highly encourage you to avoid treating these nests yourself because they can cause injury without proper materials and personal protective equipment.

Here’s what you can expect from We Care to treat yellow jackets and wasps:

  • One-shot yellow jacket nest elimination with a 30-day warranty to ensure we eliminate the nest.
  • When the nest can’t be located, we use yellow jacket and wasp baiting to help reduce the population.
  • Very small amounts of insecticide are needed because of our expertise and the suits we wear.

Bi-Monthly Eco-Friendly Pest Control Service

Our most popular pest control service is an every other month service where our technician removes accessible spider webs at the start of each service. We treat the foundation with an ant specific material in an ultra-low volume spray or bait around foundation area.

Then the perimeter (including eaves, shrubs and various areas where spiders are likely to inhabit) is treated with Essentria IC3 which consists of Rosemary Oil, Geraniol 600 and Peppermint Oil. We have developed this program to have the least negative affect on environment including honey bees, pets and children. Certain locations may require monthly service depending on size and other variables.

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