Save Water, Time & Money with Hydretain

Whether you are a golf course superintendent, a landscape professional or a commercial grower, maintaining green and healthy turf grass, trees, shrubs, ornamentals and bedding plants is no easy task – even under ideal conditions.

Hydretain’s benefits are far more than isolated claims. Major university studies and greencare professionals from around the world continue to herald the benefits of Hydretain and its unique ability to reduce watering requirements by up to 50%.

Effective for All Types of Plants

Hydretain is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly solution for soil moisture management. It is not species specific and can be used at any stage of the plants life cycle including seed germination.

Hydretain effectively reduces the watering requirements of all types of plants including turfgrasses, trees, ornamental shrubs and flowering plants, as well as food and fiber crops. In can be used in greenhouse and field growing operation.

In addition to reducing watering requirements, Hydretain improves nutrient uptake and aids in the colonization of beneficial soil flora and fauna

Hydretain can be applied at seed germination, transplanting or as part of a regular maintenance program. It is available in both concentrated liquid and granular formulation and is versatile for various application methods including:

  • Drip, Spray or Drench
  • Broadcast
  • Injection / Fertigation
  • Topdressing, Sidedressing, or Banding

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