Bed Bug FAQ

bed bug adults and nymphsDid you know female bed bugs can lay 100s of eggs about the size of a speck of dust?

Bed bugs do not fly, but they can move undetected over floors, walls, ceilings, and your furniture.

Learn more about termites and their habits with these bed bug frequently asked questions.

There has been an increase in bed bug infestations in Northern California and nationwide. In fact, one in five Americans has reported a bed bug infestation or know someone who has encountered bed bugs at home or in a hotel, according to a recent NPMA survey.

These pests are not limited to any one specific type of dwelling.

Local bed bug control companies such as We Care Pest Solutions have witnessed infestations everywhere including single-family homes, multi-family housing, apartments, hotels, hospitals, school campuses, office buildings, retail stores, and movie theaters.

Bed bugs are very elusive, transient pests that are often found in other areas besides the bed.

They can live for a year or more without eating and can withstand a wide range of temperatures from nearly freezing to 122 degrees fahrenheit.

To prevent bed bug infestations, North Bay communities should be vigilant in assessing their surroundings.

When returning from a trip, check your luggage and clothing. If you think you may have a bed bug infestation, contact us immediately.

Bed bugs can spread rapidly from room to room through pipes, vacuum cleaners, clothing, and luggage.

Bed bugs can be found in chair cushions, sofas, behind electrical outlets, cracks, and crevices around baseboards, or even behind picture frames.

In other words, they can live pretty much anywhere. Call us at (707) 573-5899 if you suspect a bed bug infestation.

Any effective bed bug control strategy should start with a careful, thorough inspection by a pest control professional of all known and suspected areas where the bugs may be harboring.

This is not a pest that can be controlled effectively with do-it-yourself measures.

Bed bugs are not known to spread any diseases to humans. However, their bed bug bites can leave behind itchy, red welts which can become quickly infected from scratching or irritation.

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