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Ant Control for Bay Area Residents

ants on kitchen counterAnts are smart and resilient insects that many Bay Area homeowners encounter on a regular basis.

While noticing a few ants in your backyard is typically not a big deal, once they have identified a food source or favorable conditions in your home, the real problem begins.

Ants can communicate with other ants in their colony by leaving pheromone trails for more to follow. While you feel you might have got the job done by sweeping or wiping away a trail of ants, it is likely that more are on their way to your home from a nearby nest.

We Care Pest Solutions is a professional ant control company that can identify the species of ant and successfully eradicate them from your home.

Signs of Ants in Your Home

There are several ways to determine if you are dealing with an ant infestation. If you have noticed a trail or large number of live ants, it is likely many more are nearby or on their way. You might also notice their pathways leading into and around your home. Ants tend to head toward food sources, so the kitchen is a common place homeowners in the Bay Area will notice ant trails.

Depending on the species of ant, some nests can look like a small pile of dirt. Other ants like to make their homes within the walls of structures. A professional pest control company will know what to look for and where to look to diagnose an ant control issue.

Call a Professional Pest Control Company for Ant Control

The technicians at We Care Pest Solutions are highly trained in various ant control methods. We first inspect your home or structure, identify the species of ant you are having issues with, and then prescribe a treatment solution and recommendations to help reduce or eliminate the issue.

We Care creates a specialized solution for your unique situation, ranging from botanicals and baits to non-repellents. We are confident in our effective ant treatments for Bay Area residents and include with them a 60 Day Guarantee.

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